Thursday, 30 June 2011

Force Myself to Blog

So I have been browsing some of the blogs I love and one of them always posts WIPW (Work In Progress Wednesdays) and FO Fridays and I thought that was brilliant.  With a little more clicking I found it was a whole MOVEMENT!

So here goes, I have got to be the worst blogger ever, so I am going to remedy this by forcing myself twice a week to feature my work in progress and hopefully some finished off! 

So today is South Africa (Sunny but definitely not warm as we are in winter) it's Friday but sadly I have no finished off.  This week has been a lean week on the knitting front.

I am busy with a jersey that I have been promising Monster for awhile now and have finally buckled down and started it this week.  I have completed the sleeves so does that count?