Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Get Rid of WIP's - Daisy Cowl (Finale)

I made these Daisies last year but I can't remember what size hook I used.  I do remember that I played around with different hook sizes until I was happy.  I like the square but don't like how small it is.  It would take alot of these squares to make a blanket and I'm not that much in love with it to carry on.

I hate having 20 squares sitting in a box with no project in mind.  I got them out and tried to make a scarf with them but I would have to make more as it was too short. 

I grabbed my 4mm hook and some left over white and joined 5 groups of 4 together.  Went around the group once in double crochet and then sewed those 5 groups together.  Then finally I went around the top and the bottom once in double crochet.  I didn't twist it as I'm not a fan of the wrong side of crochet.  But looking at it, I should have.  Oh well next time!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Get Rid of WIP's - Sky Shawl (Finale)

This one I started as an attempt to see if I enjoyed making shawls and to get rid of almost 200g of a variegated blue left over from a pullover I had made Pudding.

Hooray I got rid of the yarn.  Boo Hoo not enough to make the shawl big enough for me!  But that's alright one end of year present made!

On my insane trip to get all my WIP's finished this month, I remembered that I have two more sitting at the back of my cupboard.  I hauled them out last night.  One I will convert into a cowl and the other is going to be frogged and turned into something else as I really don't like it.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Get Rid of WIP's - Twirl Scarf

This is the second scarf I am making with this Elle Twirl Yarn.  The first one was a learning curve, the yarn needs to be untwisted and then straightened as you go.  The first one I was naive and it was a quick and easy present.

This one, well I looked in Ravelry that I cast on 29th of December.  I finished it last night.  Yes it was irritating.  The twisting of the yarn no matter what I did to try and avoid it or reduce it, drove me NUTS!  You can't take your eyes off it for a second as you have to straighten the yarn with your right hand before finding the right loop to put the left hand needle into! 

All in all!  One scarf out of this would have been bliss.  Beautiful presents made. But will never do it again!!!

BUT WOW I got another WIP done!  I have one more for this month and then onto new adventures. 

I love reading all your blog posts, they really make me smile and I look forward to my morning coffee and blog reading.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Get Rid if WIP's - Earth Granny Finale

The weather was miserable! Overcast and windy. Bonus there was a ODI (one day international) on as well! South Africa vs Sri Lanka (Cricket). The two of these combined made it possible for me to finish the blanket!  South Africa won which means 2 wins out of 5!!  3 more wins!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Get Rid of WIP's - Earth Granny

I started this as a quick present for my sister in Cape Town however I never managed to finish it before my niece and nephew went back!!!  I wanted to make her a lap blanket for in the lounge.  She loves natural colours. 

I went through my stash and found 6 balls each of StyleCraft Life that I don't enjoy knitting or crocheting with as it is very thin double knit.

I doubled it and am using a size 8mm hook and chained 150. 

Each colour is 13 rows.  I have since done more that the photos show.  I have completed 2 brown and 2 green so 2 more of each to go!!!  This WIP should be finished at least by Monday!!  Fingers crossed.  I am planning on going around the blanket and that's what Monday is going to be dedicated to.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Get Rid of WIP's - Scarlet Marble (Finale)

I did it! It's Friday and I finished it!  So happy and so are my fingers.  I love my KnitPicks needles but they always poke a hole in my finger which splits and then I have a nasty cut on it.  I am sure it's the way I knit (English) and on my list of new things to learn this year is the Continental way of knitting (Picking instead of Throwing)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Get Rid of WIP's - Scarlet Marble (Part 2)

I normally write my blog entries first thing in the morning when the boys have gone to school.  However last night I posted.  So I will get the Scarlet Marble completed today but sorry you will have to wait until tomorrow for the completed pictures.

Sleeve One Completed
60 Rounds
17 Increase rounds
4 Purl rounds
Cast Off

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Get Rid of WIP's - Scarlet Marble

One of the projects I started in 2011 for a birthday present in the first week of January is the Scarlet Marble.  It is a top down cardi based on the Butler Pattern by Kerri Allman.  This is the third time I am making this cardigan and I am convinced that's why I didn't finish on time.  I started it on the 28th of December so that would have normally given me plenty of time.  Everytime I picked this up I got miffed.  It never seamed to grow. 

I pulled myself towards myself and am determined to get it finished by tomorrow so I can give it on Friday and therefore only be a week late!

I have finished the body and am almost finished the first sleeve, so fingers crossed tomorrow's post will reveal a completed cardigan.

The start
A few more increases rows to go
Even took it to school to fetch Pudding today!

 Tuesday's Progress I finished the body!
Not so much today!  That's all I've done on the sleeve

Not going to let that get me down and going to stick it out and plod on to get it finished for Friday.  See you tomorrow to show you one finished sleeve and the last one in progress

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

2012 and Blogging

I have been thinking about my blogging in 2011 and decided that all I was doing was participating in other people's along's.  While that is not a bad thing I have decided that this year I am going my own way.  With that in mind I am also going to look at my Ravelry groups and do some house cleaning!

In 2012 I want to be more organised with my crafting and get rid of my stash.  I love my stash but I really want to reduce it. 

January I am dedicating to finishing 4 out of my 5 WIPS
  • Ruffle Scarf
  • Icelandic Shawl
  • Granny Stripe Blanket
  • Red Marble Cardigan
Starting February Iam going to be working one row of the gigantic ripple blanket.  I need this finished by mother's day (May 19th).  Also I want to make a birthday present, a christmas present and two end of year thank you presents.  That makes 4 projects a month.  I can so do that, can't I?

During the week I will be dedicating one day to updates
  • Gigantic Ripple
  • Christmas Present
  • Birthday Present
  • End of Year Present
  • 12 new skills
  • New Ideas
  • Goals for the month and week ahead
So that's the plan.