Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Get Rid of WIP's - Daisy Cowl (Finale)

I made these Daisies last year but I can't remember what size hook I used.  I do remember that I played around with different hook sizes until I was happy.  I like the square but don't like how small it is.  It would take alot of these squares to make a blanket and I'm not that much in love with it to carry on.

I hate having 20 squares sitting in a box with no project in mind.  I got them out and tried to make a scarf with them but I would have to make more as it was too short. 

I grabbed my 4mm hook and some left over white and joined 5 groups of 4 together.  Went around the group once in double crochet and then sewed those 5 groups together.  Then finally I went around the top and the bottom once in double crochet.  I didn't twist it as I'm not a fan of the wrong side of crochet.  But looking at it, I should have.  Oh well next time!


  1. Cunning plan to make a cowl! It looks really pretty :)

  2. Very nice! Great idea for a cowl!

  3. Looking great and what a cool use of a bunch of grannies!

  4. Fabulous idea to make a cowl! Love it!

  5. i would LOOOOOVE to make this, awesome idea! can you share the square pattern? ang

  6. They're looking fab, love the colour combos!

  7. Great colour combination! I love the idea of making a cowl out of those squares. I have some WiPS that I have to finish as well. However, in the near future, I'd love to make some of these squares and add a an ivory lace edging.
    Something like this,
    Gloria x


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