Friday, 6 April 2012

To Sell or Not to Sell

I have no reason for not blogging, I just haven't.  I have been reading all the wonderful blogs that you have been writing and it has kept my inspiration up!

I am seriously thinking about opening an online shop either on my own site or via etsy, which seems to be a good place to start.

I am currently taking orders but it's purely by word of mouth which is good for the odd few bucks but I would like a steady stream.  What is bothering me is what I should offer and then making them all so I have a stock!  I am very good a custom orders, so I want a beanie that is green with pink stripes!  Fabulous off I go get the yarn and knit it up in a day.  But not so good at figuring out what the market wants and what there are already too many of in the market.  Make sense!

I haved also recently rejoined the world of Instagram and am loving it way more than Twitter or Facebook.  Sorry I am very over Facebook and am seriously thinking about getting rid of my account.  Twitter well I only check it once in a blue moon if I accidentally open it on my phone!

The cool thing about Instagram is that you get a shot of the some of the most creative people and what they are busy working on instantly.  Quick and in picture form.

I have loads of pictures to show you as I haven't been here.

This is my latest creation is a cowl using the Amazing yarn I purchased from A Stash Addict.  Truly Amazing and so wonderful to work with.  Defitinely purchasing lots more of this


  1. Gorgeous yarn, and it would be fab if you opened up your own online shop!

    Instagram is great isn't it? Lovely seeing you on there :)

  2. Hi! I've been following you on Instagram (I'm klassykara) and I'm super excited to read more on your blog. :)

  3. The cowl looks great so far, and I love the yarn!!!!

  4. Its knitting up beautifully. Such vibrant colours.

  5. Welcome back! We missed you. As for colours, make what you think is pretty and someone will like it too. You'll do great.

  6. That's great yarn, I reckon if you made some things from that you'd surely do well, especially for kids hats etc...I know what you mean though, I know I could make things to sell, but it's just pitching it right....maybe that could be your sell though, ' you tell me what you like and I'll make it exactly' a bespoke shop.....good luck!


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