Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nice Yarns Container

With all good intentions I really meant to add my stash to Ravelry yesterday. But I never did, feeling rather guilty this morning I woke up and pulled one of my big tubs from my cupboard and started loading, well once you start it's actually easy to speed through it.

This morning I've sat in my comfy sweat pants and loaded 39 different yarns into my stash. Some of these are more than 1 skein but I'm not going to count the individual skeins. I'm also not going to load all the half or partial used skeins into my stash as I'm not sure I'm going to be keeping them. I'm going to put them into their own box (to be purchased) and I will decide what to do with those.

Of course the tub I pulled down was my "nice" yarns and not the tubs of acrylic. In all fairness yesterday I did pull the one tub out and sort it out as it was in a huge mess. But after that I put it back on the shelf!!

To speed things along with adding my stash I stole pictures from the Internet, one of the reasons is because the yarn manufacturers take much better pictures than me and its an autumn day here today so the lighting is not the same every time I take a picture.

Maybe on Thursday I will pull out another tub and upload it to Ravelry?

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  1. Late last summer, I spent an entire afternoon organizing my stash both physically and virtually. It felt amazing to have my stash organized in one place and to see them all on my stash page on Ravelry. enjoy the process!


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