Sunday, 20 November 2011

Epic Fail

I have not touched my list for months!  Literally months!  I am in trouble.  I have been on a mission to get Teachers thank you gifts done and blacket for a birthday present that I didn't add to the list!

EPIC FAILURE!  I will have to once this is all finished no matter what the weather.  Get myself organised and get back on track.

I love reading all your posts about your lists and admire your pictures of yarn goodies.  Keep them coming as they inspire me to push through.


  1. But you aren't a failure because you are still making.

  2. I agree! This isn't a failure! You're just doing other things now. You have 7 more months to go, after all :).

  3. Sometimes we get derailed. That's okay. Other projects are always a good thing too :)

  4. You know what?!? Me too....I keep finding other things to make so I haven't really made anything on my list lately. I still want to get to those projects so I'll leave them there as a reminder that I want to do them...someday!

  5. Don't feel too bad. I've had an epic fail this week too with my knitting and for the last almost three weeks with my blog. Getting things back on track now and so will you :)


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