Saturday, 2 April 2011

Forced Projects

Today has been a day of zero creativity.  I have not wanted to do any knitting or crocheting at all. Which is seriously not normal for me!  I however have forced myself to start Lesego's (Step Sister) birthday present, an African Flower blanket.  Not sure how big it's going to be, but as long as it covers her, that's all my aim is.  Lesego is a special person, in winter she is always cold even when there is a roaring fire burning.

The blanket is being made out of Chunky and using a 6.5mm hook, the flowers are almost double the size of the flowers used in my Mammy bag and the one that I have finished looks amazing.  I especially love the Claret colour and it gives the flowers a red wine look.  Yummy!

Watched Rugby until I was almost sick of it, I said almost sick of it.  The day couldn't have started any better than an away win for the Bulls against the Hurricanes.

Took my boys and Daddy out for supper which was really awesome.  My boys behaved like the angels they can be!

Oh yes I did do a few rows of Andrea's Mitred Square Blanket.  I know the reason why I am not so keen on finishing this blanket is because I have made a colour mistake on part 7.  Andrea the amazing woman that she is says that it doesn't matter to her, but it matters to me.  I am too far in to rip it out, but so not happy with myself.

So at the moment I again have three projects on the go:
  1. Andrea's Mitred Square Blanket
  2. Lesego's African Flower Blanket
  3. Various people's African Flower Mammy Bags
My list of projects that I want to do this year is as normal still growing and grows every time I head into Ravelry for a look see.

I will attempt tomorrow to upload all my photos from my phone onto my notebook so that I can share my WIP's.  And fine tune my new Wool Diaries to include the pattern for my Mitred Square Blanket.  This will be my first pattern that I publish so little scary.

It's late and my nice cosy bed is calling so for tonight I will say sleep tight and don't let the kneedles poke you in your sleep!

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