Tuesday, 10 May 2011


For Mother's Day this year I received two books that I have been asking for.  Two Harmony Guides, Basic Crochet Stitches and Crochet Stitch Motifs.  These are truly inspiration books. 

Now in saying that it is not like my list of to-do knitting and crochet items is short or in need of adding to but at the moment nothing on them is really inspiring me to pick up my needles or hook and begin or even carry on. 

How ever my stash and increasing mass of left overs is seriously haunting me.  So I have decided that every month I will take two stitches and two motifs and master them and turn them into something fantastic.  I will start at the begining of the book and work my way through.  Depending on the month this could mean 4 items made or could be more.

So for May and yes I know we are already on the 10th of the month I will start with the Basic Double Crochet (or Single Crochet in UK) and the Basic Half Treble Crochet (or Half Double Crochet in UK) and Traditional Square I and the Traditional Square II.

My thoughts for the Basic Double Crochet stitch is that I have already made 7 beanies using it this month, so I am going to cheat and say I have that one in the bag!

For the Basic Half Treble Crochet I am thinking maybe a blanket for my father when he comes and snoozes on my couch.  I think I have enough of the left over yarn that I used for the African Flower Swap to make a decent sized blanket that will cover him.

The Traditional Square I and the Traditional Square II is what I would call a Granny Square, BUT further on in the book there is a square called the Granny Square so this one I am making the Waterborn Baby another blanket.  I have already started using my trusted method but am planning on changing to the method in the book.  Very similar apart from the corner where you join and chain for next round.

Alright I have to fly or I will be late for pick up.

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