Sunday, 12 August 2012

2nd Year of Projects - Week 6

Teacher Year End Presents (Middle November 2012)
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8. Wingspan Teeny (7 August - 9 August) FO Friday Post

My Ravellenic Games project was the Zig and Zag blanket for Pudding and as it is also one of my YOP projects I set out with determination to start and finish his blanket.  However life had different ideas and I am still just over half way through this project.  But I will continue with it just on a slower pace.

1. Pudding Blanket 1 - Zig and Zag 50%

I have also joined a new group on Ravelry called the 1 Million Row Challenge.  Its just a challenge to knit 1 million rows out of stash only.  And as that is what this is what I am doing this year I thought it would be fantastic to see how I can achieve that.  Now you can start anytime and you start with your current WIP's I have only added the Zig and Zag blanket at the moment but will add my Super Wonder Blanket tomorrow when I knit some of it.  I haven't counted how many rows I have done on that one yet.  All you do is join the group register at and away you go.  My counter is posted at the top of my blog and I will be updating only once a week.  Hopefully that way it will grow quickly!

To take part in the fun of the YOP challenge and to see other bloggers lists and progress go the Come Blog-a-long group on Ravelry


  1. That's an interesting challenge! I don't think I have anything going on that will help to qualify for that but I'm still going to check it out :-P

  2. Love the zig zag and to have half done is a great achievement to, what an interesting challenge and I'm looking forward to seeing how you do at it.

  3. Love the challenge! I have a mileage counter going on the year but the rows sounds like a lot of fun to figure out, too! Good luck!

  4. A million rows sounds like a great way to stash bust.

  5. Love you zig and zag're might quick, even if it wasn't quite where you wanted it to be.

    Your new challenge sounds like a great one...go for it!

  6. I hope you achieve your million rows! I'm headed to check out the challenge page now!

  7. I cannot keep track of that might be something for me to look into as a motivator...I can't wait to see the finished blanket..even at 1/2 a lot of work!

  8. wow, that's quite a challenge. Good luck with your blanket this week, hopefully life will co-operate with your knitting plans.

  9. Love the Zig Zag. The one million row challenge sounds interesting. Good luck with it. I'm headed over to take a look at it now.

  10. Love the zig zag, the colours are great. And the million rows sounds really interesting, I might look at that!

  11. Wow on the challenge! I'm going to check it out too. Good luck with the blanket this week.

  12. A million rows?! Wow! I'll cheer you on, but that's way to big a number for me! I really like the zig zag, but I know too well what happens when you start to get bored! I always have a bunch of projects going for just that reason. It may take longer to get something finished, but I don't get bored!

  13. What an awesome and scary challenge! (I might be able to crochet a million rows in a year, but definitely not to knit!) I love your wingspan, too.

  14. Love the wing span scarf - so pretty. Not sure I could take on the challenge of a million rows - that sure sounds like a lot.


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