Saturday, 11 August 2012

Stash Down Saturday - Week 6

At the start of the Ravellenic Games I had decided I wanted to knit Pudding a blanket using the Elle Premier Natural DK cottons I had purchased last year with the intent of making blankets for each of the boys.  I have not been able to complete this during the games however I will carry on until it is finished.
I took 4 skeins of each colour and I also frogged the Swedish stripe blanket I had made as I didn't like it and it wasn't big enough.  I am on my third skein of each colour and I am going to start the 6th repeat out of 8 today.

This cotton is very hard wearing and when knitted becomes really soft and drapes amazing.  I like this cotton as it doesn't stretch which is perfect for blankets for the boys. 

End of Day 12 Progress Shot
10 August Rows Added: 32 Rows
Total Rows Completed:  312 Rows
Total Rows to be Completed: 188 Rows (500 Total)

Total to be stash down week ending 18 August 2012: 400g
Total stash downed week ending 11August 2012: 2550g

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