Thursday, 9 August 2012

Ravellenic Games - Day 13

It's Women's Day here in South Africa today and the weather has come to play.  Apart from the odd wind gust it's lovely in Joburg.  Thankfully after the awful weather we had earlier this week, which included SNOW!!

I can't convey how much I am loving this teeny wingspan, I have made the larger version before and yes it's lovely, but oh my the little triangles are so sweet and knit up so quickly and with the variegated yarn just works so beautifully.  This one is going to the end of year teachers presents as I don't wear these colours but I am definitely going to make myself one of these.

I am not going to do the last 4 rows of garter stitch I am going to knit until the yarn runs out and then use a crochet bind off that doesn't need any additional yarn!  Yes you read right.  I have recently been looking through some of my old magazines and saw it mentioned so am going to dig it out and see how to do it.

Here is my progress shot of teeny wingspan on 15 completed triangles, but already today I have knitted an additional 2 triangles.

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