Monday, 6 August 2012

Ravellenic Games - Day 10


I am halfway!!! 

Well 2 rows over!! I stayed up late last night to watch Bolt do his thing and managed to finish my 32 rows I wanted to and it put me halfway over!  I also managed to weave in all the ends that I had been neglecting to do as I wanted to just get back to a realistic amount of rows that I had to complete each day to finish before the end of the closing ceremony.

End of Day 9 Progress Shot
05 August Rows Added: 32 Rows
Total Rows Completed:  252 Rows
Total Rows to be Completed: 248 Rows (500 Total)

And it is the perfect width for Pudding's bed!  It's going to be longer than his bed, but that's what I wanted.  I was just worried it would be too narrow.  And then I wouldn't have been happy with it at all.


  1. Your progress is awesome, I love the colors you're knitting with!

  2. Half way wow! I just scrolled through and it's something to see your progress. At the end you should do a photo collage to show just how hard you worked on this! Fingers crossed you'll get it done!!


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