Monday, 5 September 2011

Goal Monday - Week 2

This is the second time I am typing this, blogger is not being nice to me at all.

I achieved my first ever public goal from last week.  I finished Ice Cream and I did the 26 rows of Take My Time.  I actually did 30 rows!!!

This week in order to get more done on Take My Time I am going to do 24 rows.  I know not as ambitious as last week but I have some more wips that need taking care of.

Ribby, is going to be frogged.  Pudding said he doesn't like it and would like a cardi.  Well he actually said "The one with buttons at the front".  That will have to wait as I have to start the RWC blanket on Friday.

This week I have to swatch the 4 squares I like and then let Granny Shake Shake choose the one she likes.  I know I said I would do that yesterday but the day ran away with me.

I want to finish Red Butler.  I have sewed the ribbon onto one side, and although it's not 100% flat it really finishes it off nicely. 

And Friday the IRB RWC starts so will the blanket and the One a Day challenge for me.

There you have it, my goals for this week.

What if any are your goals for the week?

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  1. You have quite a few goals there! Luckily I don't really have any deadlines, so I don't have to be too strict with myself - everytime I do I end up doing something completely different anyway!


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