Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WIP Wednesday - Week 9

The entire day I have been kicking myself as I forgot Tally Tuesday yesterday, which is part of One A Day.  Part of me say hey it's ok, cause you said you were only going to start on Friday with the RWC, but the other part of me says, yes but you could have added the African Flowers you are making for the November swap to that and turned Take My Time into part of that as well.

With all this internal debate going on, I bascially did stuff all crocheting today!!  I did one row on Take My Time and although I lugged around my African Flower cotton didn't even start one!

Add to the fact that since Sunday I haven't really done much I don't have a thing to show you today.  But I will pop over to Tami Ami's and check out all your WIPS.

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