Tuesday, 6 September 2011

RWC Blanket Decision

Today I made myself decide what pattern I am going to do for my RWC blanket.  I armed myself with the two balls I got for swatching, the 4 patterns I had chosen, the correct hooks and needles and off I went to my friend for coffee.

Once I had finished pulling my hair out, trying to teach her how to do the granny stripe blanket, she is a real show and tell and not a follow written pattern type of gal.  Love her to pieces, but I really have to remind myself constantly to have patience.  It reminds me why I could never be a teacher. 

We call her couches the sleepy couches, there is something about them.  When you sit on them for awhile you get really sleepy.  When my phone alarm went off reminding me to fetch the boys, I realised I hadn't actually done a thing!  My bag was still all nicely packed.  But the catch up and visit was so worth it.

During swimming I was chatting so nicely to one of the lovely mums that I again didn't even make a start.

Home.  Now I have to do something!  Right!  I got out the 4 patterns and got my hook and started with the 2 crochet patterns.  I didn't like either one of them.  The hook sizes in the patterns were either too big and left holes, or too small and it was tiny.  So they both got ripped out.

Coffee break.    I get out my well now favourite crochet books.  The Harmony Guide.  And start paging through.  I find these four stitch patterns and what's app them to Shake Shake.

Shake Shake immediately replies that the waves and Chevron Stitch is definitely her favourite!  So I get out my hooks and start working up a swatch.  Now I know that I definitely need to use a size bigger hook for my chains but seriously for the swatches I didn't.

Yes they are both actually the same colour, but the top one was taken in daylight and the bottom much later.  The top one was done with a size 4mm hook and the bottom with a 5mm hook. Both look amazing to me.  The 4mm is a lot more dense so not sure if that is the way I wanna go.  Will have to decide.  But the pattern even if it's not squares still lends itself to two colours per day being worked which is my plan for this blanket.

I am happy and feel alot more relaxed now that I have made the decision on the pattern for the RWC blanket.

I have in all this not done one row on Take My Time today so tomorrow will have to do double the amount of rows.

Oh well, I had much needed chat and tea time today.


  1. I like your choice, I would have chosen the same. Tea and chat with friends should always be a priority, especially if there is cake too!

  2. Glad you've chosen a pattern now, one less thing to worry about ;) I like the pattern you chose, but I also liked all the other options too, I'm rubbish at choosing!

  3. The swatches look good and it will fit in with your plans. I would have been no help choosing, I like all of them!


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