Friday, 29 June 2012

FO Friday - Week 12


Bad news no Multnomah shawl. Sorry, life quite rudely interrupted my knitting!!

BUT I do have three novelty yarn FO's.

Twisted Punk Fuzz Cowl, it was supposed to be a bag but I twisted it when I joined it!! Oops

Clown Twirl Collar, the less said about this the better.

Laptop Marshmellow cozy. I love it but it's already stretched too big so this just might land up being binned.

My proudest FO this week is my Pogona made with handspun and custom dyed yarn I received in my Easter swap from llamalady. It turned my hands a deep red which finally came off today. And with a few days soaking, rinsing, soaking and rinsing hoping the colour will stay.

Now you are to go to Tamis Amis site and make googly eyes at other FO's.


  1. It's always good to see those novelty yarns being used up!

    Love Pogona - love the pattern and love the colour of your yarn... also wondering how you took that last pic - do you have long arms or is it a trick of the light??? :D

    Have a great weekend

    1. I do have long arms!!! LOL I am just under 6ft! Other than holding it as far as possible away from me, nothing else done!!!!

      I am glad to be shot of all my novelty yarn, now to destash the rest of the piles.

  2. Beautiful Pogona! I love how your version turned out.

  3. Especially loving the pogona :) x

  4. Your pogona turned out amazing. I love the colors a lot XD

  5. Love the Clown Collar. I gave up on my ruffle scarf a long time ago.

  6. Very pretty :)

    The clown collar is great fun!

  7. Wow, so many FOs! My favorite is definitely your Pogona, if only all handspun ended up in beautiful projects such as that one!

  8. I love Pogona, and your colour. It's very warm although this is Not what I need at the moment. Summer has finally arrived. :-) It's hot and humid. But the cooler days will be back soon. Two days of rain and I'm taking the shawls out again.

  9. Even without the Multnomah shawl, you've got quite a lot to be excited about! 3 FOs in one week! That's pretty wonderful!

  10. I love Stephen West patterns!

  11. 3 FOs? Holy cow! Congrats.

  12. You have been busy! Love the colour of your pogona, and the colours of the ruffle yarn, too.


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