Saturday, 23 June 2012

Stash Down Saturday - Week 1

Iam a woman on a mission. My mission is to destash!

What I'm going to do is every Saturday I'm going to show my stash and show what I'm planning in destashing the following week and what patterns I'm planning on using.

Most of my stash is double knitting acrylic as this is what is widely available here and economical. BUT a few Internet purchases of really yummy yarn has changed my mind about becoming a bit of a yarn snob. I really want to change my stash, in order to do that I need to destash what I have.

This year for the Teachers end of year presents I will be making scarves and shawls. I have already started as I have 25 to do. Great for stashbusting. I do however need to make some adjustments to some of the patterns to accommodate double knitting.

Without any more waffle here is container 1 of 4 that houses some of my stash.

The next picture is what I am planning on destashing this week. 
2 x 50g Pink Fuzz (Scarf, maybe because it's actually a little scratchy)
2 x 50g Peacock Twirly (Definitely a scarf)
3 x 50g Marshmellow (Laptop cozy?)

Come back next week Saturday to see what I will be stash busting!

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