Monday, 25 June 2012

Plan the Week - Week 1

This week is week 26 with the dates being 25 June 2012 - 01 July 2012
7 Day Forecast
Monday           3°C - 13°C
Tuesday          2°C - 14°C
Wednesday     3°C - 15°C
Thursday         1°C - 16°C
Friday              3°C - 17°C
Saturday          3°C - 17°C
Sunday            4°C - 18°C
My craft plans are to make 7 squares for the one a day group, two scarves for teacher present for the year of projects group, and a laptop cozy for myself.
As it is school holidays and the other house is not ready for us to move into yet this week is going to be pretty chilled with lots of home time.
Monster turns 13 on Sunday!!!!!  I still can't believe it.  He has asked to go out for breakfast and then choose his birthday presents and go ten pin bowling so that is Sunday planned.
Pudding only has Occupational Therapy on Friday and the only reason we are going during the holidays is that this is his last month.  Hooray it's been a long journey but school is extremely happy with his progress and feels that he can end.  This is such a relief as between the two boys and all the therapies that we have been running backwards and forwards with it puts 9 years of Occupational Therapy at an end.
Friday will of course be weekly food shopping but I have that down to a fine art and only takes 15 minutes there and back.  The unpacking and packing always takes longer!!
SPORT - Wimbledon starts on Monday!! Hooray for tennis.  Super Rugby continues this weekend with the Bulls playing The Cheetahs at home.  The two semi finals and the final of the UEFA EURO.

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