Friday, 22 June 2012

FO Friday - Week 11

Hello.  I am really excited about joining along with Tami Amis FO Friday's again.  Of course since I have been absent I have many many FO items, but I will not show all of those, just this week's FO.

I am busy making end of year presents for the amazing teachers in my boys lives.  Between the two of them they have 25 teachers.  As we end our school year at the end of November I still have time.  I have to date made 6, gifted one already and one that turned out too small so actually only 4 made. 

My aim with these is to make patterns I have never made before with the view of expanding my knitting and crocheting abilities.  Also I am not purchasing any yarn for these, completely destash.  This poses a challenge as most of my stash is DK and I am making scarves and shawls.  But I have found that if I go up a few needle sizes then it works out perfectly, yes its heavier but especially on days like today (flipping freezing) it will be fabulous.

I promise I am not taking pictures of myself like this, and when I view it on my computer it is the correct way, but as soon as I upload it it puts it like this!!!

Please go to Tami Amis and see other amazing FO Friday's.


  1. Very nice- even if I did have to turn my head to see it properly ;)

    Most of my stash is worsted- the shops around here don't seem to have a lot of DK which I think is a real loss.

  2. Nice wingspan. Good luck with your knitting and crocheting. I still can't believe: Shawls for all the teachers. So very nice of you!

  3. Beautiful shawl! For the last year I've been really serious about destashing, and it's amazing how much can be modified to adapt to whatever yarn you have on hand. And it's very satisfying to use up all those long treasured and much petted yarn :)

  4. The shawl is beautiful...and that is wonderful that you are doing that for the teachers....for me I never expect gifts, some years I get some, some years none...but I teach in a very poor urban school....but I do get lots of hugs, even from my fifth graders and those are fabulous gifts! And I have been trying to use more of my yarn hoard and not buy as much...

  5. Your wingspan is lovely, lucky teacher.
    I am glad you to are joining year of projects, it's funny that we have a very similar aim, get rid of that stash of acrylic, I have nothing against the acrylic, I like it in fact, I just don't have space for it all!

  6. What a great idea to gift the teachers with your handmade projects. The shawl looks awesome

  7. Lovely! What a kind, thoughtful way to thank teachers - handmade gifts are the best!

  8. Your Wingspan is so pretty! I think that it is so thoughtful of you to make handmade gifts for all of the teachers. You are going to be one busy lady! Good luck!


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