Thursday, 28 June 2012

End of Year Presents Thursday Update - Week 1

Total to be made: 27
Total made to date: 6
Total still to be completed: 21
Total gifted: 1

In South Africa our school year runs from middle January to early December.  Thursday will also be where I show my progress for Christmas presents that I will make

My boys go to an amazing school, Crawford Preparatory Sandton. They started last year afterI finally made the decision to move them from a previous school which was notbad just not the right school for my boys.

Last year was a huge adjustment for them. Monster was in his second lastyear at Preparatory School and it was hard for him to fit in as the other kidshad made their bonds, but he doesn't give up. He made some good friends andmade some that proved not be lasting. He excelled at school bringing home marksthat I never thought in my wildest dreams he would. He received two all yeardistinctions at the end of the year. This is from a boy who the previous year Ihad been told he needs to repeat because he won't make the grade the followingyear!

Pudding was another story, he didn't want to change schools. I had hopedhowever that his transition would be easier as he started in the first formalyear of Preparatory School. Grade 1. It wasn't, it was the hardest year I havebeen through with him. He was miserable to the point that the doctors nearlyput him on antidepressants, at age 7. I was however determined to keep himthere as this school once he accepted it was perfect for him. With a lot ofwork by his teachers, therapists and his family he is now done a full 360without antidepressants. He loves going to school, has made a bff and otherfriends which really helped. He is flying, his teacher said that if his socialissues were not an issue she would have petitioned for him to skip a grade. ButI agree with the decision to keep him where he is for now.

My point is.....

The teachers and staff at Crawford Preparatory Sandton are amazing!! I have neverexperienced staff like this before.

Last year I was emotionally drained come the end of the year and I have tosay apart from one teacher I didn't make or give any thank you presents.

This year is going to be different. I am making the wonderful teachersscarves or shawls. Between the two boys I need to make 27 gifts. I keepforgetting Pudding's two therapists.

I have made a start and thankfully I had as the boys much loved music,marimba and drum teacher left unexpectedly at the end of this term. I giftedthe Boneyard that I had made with him in mind to him last weekFriday and he absolutely loved it. Mr V you will be missed.

As this is a catch up post I will now show you all the presents I have made.

I have made two of the Bandana Cowls! I shared the Wingspan FO on Friday. I also made the Stingrayshawl, however it came out way too small, and have given it to a little girl inPudding's class for her dolls!.

This is the what my main project for Stash Down will be. But to keep my life interesting and notjust churning out the same thing over and over again. I have set myself achallenge. Each will be a completely new pattern, nothing that I have knittedor crochet before. Also at least every second project must have a newtechnique for me to learn. Get me out of my comfort zone.

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  1. That is a lot of knitting, wow! But I'm sure you can do it and each of the receivers will be really excited to have such great gifts! Also, great idea to stretch your abilities!


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