Thursday, 5 July 2012

End of Year Presents Thursday Update - Week 2

Total to be made: 27
Total made to date: 7
Total still to be completed: 20
Total gifted: 1

Before the great move started I did manage to finish the Multnomah Shawl but you will have to wait until tomorrow for the FO.

I am on row 9 of 21 in the lace repeat on my Dream Stripes Shawl, I will definitely try to get that finished for tomorrow.  Wouldn't that be something.  While I was waiting for help with the lace I started an Orange Holden.  WOW I have two WIP's!!!

On the moving front, quick update,  we have postponed the movers until the flooring is complete, as Monster had a really horrific asthma attack on Tuesday night due to all the dust he's been exposed to.  But that doesn't mean that we get to rest, Pudding and I are busy bees moving all the non daily used stuff.  We are really proud to have completely moved three rooms already apart from big furniture.

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