Monday, 23 July 2012

Plan the Weeek - Week 5

This week is week 30 with the dates being 23 July - 29 July 2012

7 Day Forecast
Monday          3°C - 18°C
Tuesday          4°C - 16°C
Wednesday     4°C - 17°C
Thursday         4°C - 17°C
Friday              4°C - 17°C
Saturday          3°C - 16°C
Sunday            4°C - 15°C

We have our last OT hopefully forever on Friday!  We are all so excited, not only that Pudding has done so well that he can do without the additional help but also the extra money that we will have to put towards the other house.

The Ravellenic Games finally start on Friday!!  Hooray, it feels like forever that I have been planning for these.  I am still nervous about my choice in project but I am going ahead with it.  There might be some late night furious knitting taking place here to get it done by the end.  But that's all part of it, right, pushing yourself to the limit.

I am also going to destash 150g of yarn this week.  I am not going to cast on anything else after that as I don't want to a WIP lying around while I am busy with the games in case I prefer that project.  I am still busy with my Super Wonder Blanket that this week I want to do more than 2 rows a day on so that it grows during the games as well.

So that paragraph probably makes no sense to any of you but does to me.

Have a superb week! 

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  1. Oh no! The Ravellenic Games start so soon? Looks like I have some major planning to do! Good luck with the destashing, you can do it!


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