Saturday, 7 July 2012

Stash Down Saturday - Week 3

Alright I think I'm getting the hang of exactly how much I am capable of destashing in a week.  The first week I took too little, last week I took to much.  This week I am hoping I have taken the right amount.

From last week I still have these to start a project with

I am busy with a Holden Shawlette in the neon orange that I actually like now its being transformed.
So this week my container looks like this
And this is what I am planning on destashing this week

  • Total to be stash down week ending 14 July 2012: 300g
  • Left over from Week 2 to be stash down: 160g
  • Total stash down week ending 07 July 2012: 750g
Come back next week Saturday to see what I will be stash busting!

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