Thursday, 19 July 2012

End of Year Presents Thursday Update - Week 4

Total to be made: 27
Total made to date: 12
Total still to be completed: 15
Total gifted: 1

I have finished two more since last week and have an Oaklet on my needles at the moment.  It seems to be flying off, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad omen as I have yet to tackle the lace edge.

I thought I would take stock this week and make sure that I am on track with the amount of presents I have to make.  What I mean is I think I need a tally of Ladies presents and Men's presents.  I have been happily knitting Ladies presents and suddenly realised last night that I haven't checked to see how many I have made.

Total to make:
Lady Teachers:  15
Men Teachers:  10

I have made:
Lady Teachers:  10
Men Teachers:  3 (1 gifted)

Oops I need to get my needles clicking on some more Men Teacher gifts.  My biggest problem is my stash is not exactly geared to males.  As the males in my family are not really keen on knitted wear.  But I will sort it out and see what I can scrounge together.

On Sunday I need to check my original Year of Projects list and make sure none of the other projects I have put on it are due soon or I could be in for some late night fast speed knitting.


  1. You are definitely sticking to your goal and knitting up a storm! Keep up the great work!

  2. What incredible progress ... you do know that you are way ahead of yourself, right? YOP II has only just begun! ; )

  3. I hope that you're proud of your progress!! You've gotten a lot done. I think we all somehow end up with the late night speed knitting (or crocheting!) - no matter how much we plan. Keep up the good work!


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