Saturday, 21 July 2012

Stash Down Saturday - Week 5

After completing the Amari Shawl, I had loads of small amounts of the stash down yarn I had chosen.  They were not really inspiring me to make anything, not even a baby hat for charity.  I put them into a bag and sent them to school with Pudding to give to his art teacher.  She was over the moon. 

Now I want to give myself something to do while I was waiting for the Ravellenic Games to start but I didn't want to over commit myself and then have a WIP sitting around.  I have already chosen the next 350g of stash and have started to knit the Oaklet shawl with it.  I admit defeat to this yarn, I love it knitted.  I have made crochet items with it and really didn't like the way it pooled, but it really works knitted. (well for me that is)

So here is my container this week (less 150g of 'fiesta' yarn)
Here is what I have chosen to stash down this week as we head into the final days before the Ravellenic games where I will put this container on hold to make a dent in another container.
Here is the Oaklet Shawl at the point where I am just about to start the lace so that means the stocking stitch section is complete.

Total to be stash down week ending 28 July 2012: 350g
Total stash downed week ending 21 July 2012: 1250g
Come back next week Saturday to see what I will be stash busting!

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  1. Destashing is so satisfying isn't it? I'm sure it isn't a chore with those beautiful yarns to work with! I really like the pooling of that primary color yarn, that looks like such a fun project!


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