Monday, 9 July 2012

Plan the Week - Week 3

This week is week 28 with the dates being 09 July - 15 July 2012
7 Day Forecast
Monday        4°C - 16°C
Tuesday        4°C - 16°C
Wednesday  5°C - 17°C
Thursday      5°C - 16°C
Friday           5°C - 15°C
Saturday       5°C - 16°C
Sunday         5°C - 14°C

Its our last week of holiday.  So we are going to take things easy.  We are not moved into the new house, which is alright.  We will still take non essential things across everyday, at least one load of my car.

I am aiming to stash down 320g of yarn this week and have already started on a Shizuku scarf, and I have to say I totally agree with all the other Ravellers that this is a quick and addictive knit.

Pudding has third last OT session on Friday and that is the only fixed appointment we have.  HOORAY.

As we haven't moved, this week I have to do month end shopping, which I am glad the boys will be helping with as it's always a huge task.

I hope that your week is a relaxing and chilled out as I am sure ours will be.


  1. Great scarf ... isn't it fun to stash down? I'm doing my best to do the same!

    1. I'm absolutely loving it. It has alot to do with your blog that I'm doing my stash down


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