Monday, 30 July 2012

Ravellenic Games - Day 3

This weekend was HECTIC!!  My Ravellenic project went everywhere with me but not much progress was made.  I will have to pull my finger out if I want it to be halfway done by Friday. 

During the opening ceremony I cast on, made a mistake on the first row, frogged it and then cast on again.  But I knew I was far too tired to start again, so I put it down and just watched.

On Saturday in between all the madness I had doubts that I had chosen a project that I could actually finish before the closing ceremony.  But I pushed forward mainly because I didn't have another pattern with me!  Also I have loads of markers so I am now comfortable in the pattern repeat,  which is simple, but also simple to stuff up.

I decided to make Pudding the Zig Zag blanket by Debbie Orr.  I read loads of the notes made by other Ravelry members and decided on a cast on of 244.

As of this morning this is how much I have achieved, I need to put the motor on full throttle.  I have done 46 rows with many many more to come.

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