Monday, 8 August 2011


We are all sitting in my Dad's boma (which is an open pit that get a huge roaring fire in it to bbq or as we call it a braai) after eating potjie kos (which is like a stew but you layer the food into a big black pot, like a witches pot, then you just leave it to cook).  My Dad's girlfriend, Granny Shake Shake (not cause she shakes, but because whenever she wants someone to do something now, she tells us to shake shake) announces that one of the theatre nurses she works with is pregnant and can I make a baby bundle (blanket, booties, cardie and hat) for her.  I say yes when is she due?  Oh she is 32 weeks!  What!  I have no yarn that is suitable for babies and if I did no colours! 

So I dragged the boys who have long weekend as tomorrow is Women's Day here to the LYS.  Armed with PSP's and headphones for them, they behaved beautifully.  I actually found some pink cotton in my stash, hidden away and so I just needed two other colours to compliment it.  As the sale ended on Saturday my pickings were rather slim.  But I managed to come out with these two colours as well.

How cute are these buttons

I am going to make these patterns from the Sirdar Tiny Tots Esstentials (351) and the Snuggle Blanket from Crute Crochet for Tiny Tots by Helen Ardley.

So no progress with be made on my Red Butler or Take My Time as I need to get these done this week.  Watch this space.


  1. That's very generous of you (although at least baby clothes are pretty quick!) - you've chosen some lovely patterns :)

  2. Good luck getting everything finished before the baby arrives! The patterns are lovely, especially the booties!

  3. Good luck getting it all done in time, I hope she's not early! How nice to be asked to make these for her though!


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