Sunday, 14 August 2011

Year of Projects - Week 6

I'm not in a good mood.  It started off with the realisation that my middle sister is not moving back.  I should have known when she didn't want anyone to know but me.  Then we went to the old people's house (Dad and Girlfriend) for lunch and when we got out the car, my two stepsisters came up and said, they are in bad moods.  I thought nothing of it, until they both ripped my head off and then started on my boys, which lead me to tell them to get knotted.  Packed my boys up and came home.  Oops forgot to feed them lunch.

I feel better now that I have ranted out my family.  I have to admit that this week I worked on a baby shower present and only yesturday afternoon managed to pick up my Red Butler again.

I love doing it and have completed over half the body.  It needs to be 62cm and last night I had done 35cm. 

I need your help,  I am new to top down and the row where you put the armhole on holders and knit the body, I get holes under the arm.  It looks dreadful, please, please, if I need to know some trick, share.  I am not sure how I am going to fix this when it's finished.


  1. Hope your day gets better. Funny how people can really get to us about our kids. Your sweater is coming along great.

  2. sometimes you just need to have a good rant to get it out of your system!

    not been adventurous enough yet to try a cardie or jumper so no help with the arm hole problem - hopefully you'll be able to get it sorted as it looks lovely so far :)

  3. Maybe you could pick up the stitches and K2tog them somehow?

    I get holes in my glove thumbs all the time from where I put them on a holder and I usually go back in at the end and sew them up from the back side.

  4. I'm sorry you had such a bad day. I hope tomorrow is better.

  5. Oh family! I am sure we have all been in your shoes at one time or another. As far as your hole in your underarm, I am not sure what the proper remedy is--but I have in the past, either stitched it up from the backside or done what Calophi mentioned --pick up and K2tog. Keep in mind, it is under the arm and will be not showing most of the time! :)

  6. Its always good to get rants out of our systems.... it sets the world to rights I think.
    Love Red Butler and can't wait to see more. Unfortunately I've never done from the top down so have no hints to help you.

  7. I can't honestly say that I know the "correct" thing to do, but when that's happened to me I've duplicate stitched across to firm the whole thing up.

    As for old people in bad moods, my sister used to warn me if Mom was being "Ms Congeniality". You just have to shrug it off!

  8. Family can certainly be a challenge and since a have a family that can be very challenging I understand. Hope today is better.
    I haven't made a whole lot of top-down things, (other than socks,) but can you hide the stitches with the sewing up?

  9. PS. Added you to my blogroll

  10. I hid the holes during the sewing up portion of the project. Not sure that will work for you. Both of mine were short sleeves, so the sew up end was close to the hole. Great progress! Family sometimes sucks.

  11. I'm no expert but knit everything top down and when I've had these underarm holes, I just sew them up after I've finished the item. One project said to pick up a few stitches under the armput and that worked fine but was factored into the sleeve sizing . Both ways work fine - you can't see once they are sewn up.

    It's looking lovely by the way x

  12. Love the red yarn. I usually pick up a few extra stitches to close holes, you can either decrease them on the following round or leave them for a slightly wider sleeve if it works with the pattern. Knitting into the back of the picked up stitches to twist them also helps with closing the gaps and is not noticable because who will be poking round under you arms inspecting your stitches?!
    Families can be a PITA, sorry yours were being annoying


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