Monday, 15 August 2011

Freezing Monday

Today has been awful, the weather well, today was miserable.  We had a thunderstorm and hail, in August, not December.  It's winter still and on the Highveld we don't have rain in winter only in summer.  Then once the rain and hail let up, the wind came to join in on the party and boy oh boy was it freezing.

I have remained in the lounge with the fire roaring, and snuggled up under a blanket.  Until I left to fetch the boys from school.  Stepped out the car and it started to pour!!  Oh course.  Then we came straight home to the fire and blankets, we have hardly left the lounge, we even scandalous, ate supper in front of the TV.

Moving on to more important things, I did manage to finish the body of my Red Butler and start one of the sleeves, but with the drop in of the old people came money to buy more wool for another baby bundle.  Please can it be done by the weekend.  So there goes any hope of getting Red Butler done for FO Friday.


  1. That Red Butler is coming along nicely, I love the deepred color of it! I hope the weather clears up soon for you!

  2. Wow that is coming on nicely :) As for the family ...shrug and walk away :) I find gin helps ;-)


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