Thursday, 25 August 2011

Why I don't sew

I was so excited this morning, got dressed, cleared the dining room table, and set out my beautiful cotton.  Cut out the pattern pieces, cut out the fabric, so far so easy!  Sewed up the sides of the skirt.  Added the zip, which admittdly took me two attempts as I my brain wasn't working and had the foot on the wrong way!! 

Then the waistband.  That's where the wheels fell off.  I stuffed it up so royally.  I tried then to fix it and made it worse.  I unpicked it all, tried agan and it still was shocking.  I tried it on and it was huge.  Now to explain this mistake, I didn't want the skirt so short, and as I am tall, nearly 6" I made it a size bigger to wear on my hips which I am so used to doing, in order to get anything to fit me properly.  This made the skirt the right length but too big to sit on my hips.  So I unpicked the zip, and sewed up the side and the band.  Then added elastic to the sides to pull in. 

I tried it on, and yes it fitted, but hell, did it look UGLY.  I walked into the kitchen opened the dustbin and threw it away.  Packed up the sewing machine and put it back in my cupboard.  I am giving it a time out.  I am not sure when I will release it again.  Yes I know it wasn't the machines fault, but I can't punish myself.

That means the Red Butler will have to get the beautiful ribbon sewed on by hand.  I am not going to attempt to use the machine.


  1. I feel your pain, every outing with my sewing machine ends in a fight. In fact, I have two things cut out and several more planned and waiting I just can't be bothered with the arguing so I have been ignoring them and they sit unsewn on my table

  2. Oh no! What a shame! I have to admit I'm a litle afraid of sewing machines and I think for this very reason....disaster!

  3. Oh, that doesn't sound fun! I'm really crap at sewing, I can just about manage really, really, really simple stuff (as long as you don't care whether or not the lines are straight!), but proper garments are well beyond my abilities.

  4. This sounds much like my "adventures" with my sewing machine...sorry it didn't work out!

  5. oh no, how rubbish! looking forward to seeing the red butler finished though :)

  6. Oh no :( I feel your pain. Except I swear like a sailor when things go wrong.


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