Saturday, 6 August 2011

What Happened?

Today I had planned to be stuck to the couch, crocheting the Take My Time and watching rugby.  Well that hardly happened.

Monster announced his retainer is very loose.  They put the fear of life into him, if anything is not right with it, he must come in and get it sorted.  So off we went to get that sorted.  The lady that does the retainers and any emergency Orthodontist work had the day off!!!!  We will be back on Monday.

Went to the chemist to get Pudding's medication to find out that they have lost the repeat script and haven't loaded it on the system and refused to give me the medication.  After throwing my shopping at the chemist and storming off shouting nasty comments.  I headed for the managers office, where by that stage I was shaking I was so fuming.  The chemist actually told me that he didn't care I had to pay for another script to be written!!!!

Phoned Dr Fullteron, who by the way is an angel in my eyes now, and she was just as annoyed as I was, but we both agreed that the medication is extremely important to Pudding, so I drove to another chemist, got the fax number and the star she is, she faxed a new script through for me.  Thank you Dr Fullerton, I am very happy you are in our lives.  After getting a slushie with Monster we headed back to chemist 2 and got Pudding's medication.

Now I needed retail therapy, badly.  Oh my one of the big bookshops is having a sale.  Even though there were no knitting or crocheting books, I managed to get two books for Pudding, five for Monster, one for the Bank Manager and two for my Old Man.  Brilliant.

Some other essential shopping was done, boring and then Monster begged me to head home.

Got home and quickly checked the score of the All Blacks against the Walabies and was delighted to see that the All Blacks had CREAMED Australia 30-14.  Now I am spoilt and I have two countries to support, England by birth and South Africa as I have lived here since I was 6.  I always support anyone playing against the All Blacks and Australia, however when they play each other it's the All Blacks all the way.

Made lunch, saturday hot dogs.  And settled down for more Rugby.

England beat Wales (HOORAY)
Scotland beat Ireland (HOORAY)
I know Canada is playing USA but can't find results anywhere, if someone knows please let me know the outcome.

In local Currie Cup
Sharks were beated by Griquas
Western Province were beated by the Cheetahs
Blue Bulls were beated by the Lions (BOOHOO)

I finished another repeat of the colours on the Take My Time and I have decided that I am going to one repeat a week, yes I know I have already done 2 this week, but from next week, it will only be 1 repeat, or else I will never get any knitting done, and my shoulder aches if I do too much crocheting.

Come back tomorrow for an update on my new YOP cast on.  I love the colour and the pattern is wicked!

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