Thursday, 18 August 2011

SO many WIPW

It's just after 11 in the morning here and I have just finished, well I'm not going to refresh the page again reading and commenting on all the WIPW posts.  I think I need to draw the line sometime about how many I'm going to read and comment on, as it is seriously taking up lots of time, but it's an addiction, I just wanna see what everyone is doing. LOL

So since yesturday I pulled myself towards myself and have made the two sleeves for the baby bundle 2.  But because I'm doing a new pattern for me, am not brave to change it to garter stitch so yes I have done the stocking stitch, I know scardy cat.  But love it anyway.

I have also started the second bootie, which will be finished by the time I get home from fetching the boys and the oral hygienist for Monster.  To get the last of the glue off his teeth from the braces.  Which reminds me I have to leave early to organise him leaving early from class.

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