Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Women's Day

Here is South Africa today has been a public holiday.  It's been Women's Day, a day to remember all the women who we admire.  From those who helped with the removal of apartheid, to our role models of the day. 

Today I spent it in the shops with my boys and bank manager.  Then came home and sat down to finish the knitting portion of the Baby Bundle.  I have to be honest I only managed to finish the sleeves of the cardigan, dreadful.

Yesturday however I finished the hat and booties, seems like a much more productive day yesturday than today. 

I can't seem to get the blanket pattern to be as nice as I want it, so I am searching Ravelry for square patterns to crochet.

No pictures as tomorrow is WIP Wednesday.


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  1. Happy Women's Day - a day late! :) focusing on just getting through a busy week. No massage for me this week. DD fell off her bike AGAIN yesterday and re-injured her injured hand. Going over there to buy her some groceries today if she ever calls and lets me know she's awake. *thinking positive* :) Sending you all sorts of happy thoughts, girlie. Hope you're accomplishing more than I am. (also, don't know if you're interested in google plus, but I have invitations to give away. Let me know.)



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