Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What a Day

Yesturday after posting my row goal for the week, I was a like a woman possessed.  I finished Ice Cream.  So not only did I do what I had planned to do in two days in one.  But that also left me with a sore shoulder from too much crochet and a need to get back to two needles.

I have cast on Ribby which is a pullover for Pudding.  Now to the reason for no pictures.  I am too lazy to go and fetch my camera every time I want to take pictures so I have been using my IPhone, which you can get great pictures on.

The boys were not at school today as they go to a multi-religion private school and today was Eid.  I was sitting on the couch with my coffee in one hand and reading my emails on my phone on the other and yes you guessed it fate stepped in and my phone landed up in my coffee.  It's not working so well at the moment.  I have apparently fried the bottom half of the phone.

The very sad thing is that I have taken photos of Ice Cream and Ribby on the phone and haven't been able to upload them yet.

Tomorrow for WIP Wednesday I will haul out the camera and take pictures of Ribby but I don't have any for FO Friday of Ice Cream.

We had a fantastic day off, and with another Monday tomorrow it's going to be a short and different week.

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  1. My heart is bleeding for you! I would be lost without my phone - I haven't pulled out a camera in years.


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