Tuesday, 2 August 2011


This morning started bright and early with Monster having his braces off at 07:30!  His teeth altough they are throbbing and sensitive, LOOK AMAZING!!  Thank you Dr Reinach!  No more gaps, and the bite is fantastic and all in 15 months!

After dropping him off at school around 9ish I decided that I wasn't going to go home to the three piles of laundry, I was going to go to my friends house for coffee and a chat.

I stopped at the bakery and got us some yummies and then arrived.  I know I should have phoned but it would have spoilt the suprise!  She was home and had no plans.  We had such an awesome morning, drinking coffee and eating yummies.

When I make a blanket I always over buy yarn.  I panic that I'm not going to have enough.  I had two balls left of each of the 11 colours I used for the Suduko blanket I had made earlier in the year and nothing in mind to do with them, she asked if she could buy them from me to make a blanket for her son. 

Since then the mosaic bug has bitten her and she has done zero knitting and crochetting, just breaking and sticking tiles on everything.  Not really that bad.  So I said to her, give me the yarn back I want to make a blanket for Monster, saves me from going to the LYS AGAIN (still having sale) and getting yarn to make a blanket for Monster.

I have had this need to crochet lately and I really want to make the neat ripple blanket for Monster.  The colours of the Suduko blanket are perfect for his room except the oranges.  No biggie will just them out.

So hooray I have this huge bage full of yarn again.  I did carry on kniting the Tulip while I was there, which my friend has now claimed as I am making for her.  But as soon as we got home I have started the chain for the ripple blanket.  SO EXCITED to be crochetting again, I have actually missed it. 

I am not going to put it on my YOP list as Iam going to do this when I please, even if it's a row a week, that will be fine by me.


  1. Love the tulip!!! Good luck with keep the blanket going!

  2. School ?? For us it's the 2nd week of summer holidays :-)


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