Saturday, 23 July 2011

10 EXTRA Stitches

I am almost at the point where the body of Odd Sleeve has to be divided into the front and the back.  I have 10 more rows to go, and the little devil sitting on my shoulder says "You have too many stitches, count them!" She was right I had 10 stitches too many on the front only!  Well I'm definitely not going to rip it all back!  I have 20 rows of ribbing, and 38cm of stocking stitch done.  So I come up with a plan, move 5 stitches to the back.  So now I have 5 extra stitches on the front and the back.  Here goes,  I decrease 1 stitch at each end (will be under the arm) on 1 row, stocking stitch the next row, decrease 1 stitch at each end on 3 row, stocking stitch the next row, decrease 1 stitch at only the beginning of each next row!  Hooray and cause I did it with rows to spare I still do 2 more rows of stocking stitch and hit my 42cm square on!

The decreases won't show as they are right up under the arm pit!!  So after I almost cried (I was very emotional as I was taking some strong anti histamines to counteract an unknown allergy that leaves my eye swollen, looking like Bank Manager gave me a good going over while I was asleep) at the thought of having 10 extra stitches.  Having a cup of coffee and a good think solved it no problem.

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