Monday, 25 July 2011

Mystic and Sale

I got there just before 9 and left just after 10!  Awesome and just under 1500 poorer!  But many, many hours richer!

I will post photos tomorrow, I got all the yarn for two blankets on my Year of Projects list and an African Flower tote.  I have to confess I am going back on Saturday with Dad's girlfriend so probably will come home with more!

In my stash I have 4 balls of Elle Escapade DK in Mystic Tulip and nothing really in mind to do with it.  Dad's girlfriend mentioned that she wanted some shrugs for summer, so I thought BONUS!  I checked my list and one of the new additions is Cardi Shrug by Jennifer Jones.  It's a top down short sleeve cardi.  Again BONUS, try something I have never done before and get another of my Year of Projects items on the go!

I cast on and WOW the pattern is so easy and totally simple.  Once you have done the first row of increases, it flies!

Love the Elle Escapade and the new colourways are much more grown up.  Unfortunately they didn't have any of the other grown up colourways left by the time I got around to that section at LYS.

Have a fantastic Monday!  I know I am!

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  1. Oh such pretty colours - I love using varigated yarn :)


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