Saturday, 16 July 2011

Year of Projects - Project 2

I grabbed the yarn that I purchased at the great Arthur Bales sale at the beginning of the year that was allocated to make Monster a pullover, however I have not discovered that I am so not a Stylecraft Life yarn at all!  I am convinced that it's thinner than DK.  I have made two hoodies with other colourways and just thought it was those but now that I have tried another two colourways and it still feels more like 4ply than DK.

I have put it aside which is so unfortunate as the colourway that I choose for Monster is stunning, it's called Mixtures Autumn.  I have tried everything to get it to photograph, but it looks completely different, but on the Stylecraft website is a picture.  As I have this beautiful colour and a beautiful green also allocated to him, I might find a blanket that only requires 6 balls of two colours to crochet for him.

Now onto my Project 2.  Monster is always on my case that he wants a pullover that has different coloured sleeves to the body!  Don't ask me why and it sounds terrible to me.  But  I have decided that in my stash I have just enough grey and maroon to make it for him.  So Project 2's name is going to be Odd Sleeves.

No pictures today as I haven't started.  Tomorrow is another day and will have an update on Odd Sleeves.

Enjoy your day, mine is going to be full of knitting and rugby, what an awesome Saturday!

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  1. Funny... I picked up a ball of Stylecraft Life in a wool shop this week and thought the same thing. For all my small niggles, I still like Hayfield Bonus as an acrylic DK. Good luck with the jumper!


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