Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sandton City

This morning saw us off to Sandton City Mall (AGAIN) in search of a few items.  And in true Sandton City style we managed to find all of them.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the Bank Manager likes his tracksuit for pulling over his gym clothes to keep warm.

Of course we had to make purchases that were not on the list a trip to Sandton City would not be complete without that!

I came away with a copy of The Crochet Collection.  It's not what I really wanted but it will do.  I wanted a new Knitting Book but the Book shops have almost zero or extremely limited books on knitting and crocheting.

We made it home just before lunch and after reading way, way, way too many blogs I knuckled down and cast on for the body of Blues.  Then I worked out how many rounds I need to get to the required 37cm which I thought was 3 rounds per 1cm.  However 10 rounds is 4cm!  So now I am working on that logic as it seems to be working.

I have completed 35 rounds and it's almost 16 cm so need to keep going to get it just over double that.
I have set myself a goal for tonight and that is to have done 20cm.  So off I go.....


  1. Coincidentally found your page i my search for wool in Sandton city.Nice find ! Linda

  2. Could you advise a shop with large variety of wool in particular merino wool in Johannesburg? Thanks


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