Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Armhole Joins

I love the Mystic I am making, the pattern is simple to understand and it is flying.  However as this is the first time I am doing top down I am not impressed with the hole under the arm.  I tried numerous ways of joining the sides to the back when knitting and can't get around a hole being formed. 

Bank Manager also pointed out last night that the armholes might not be big enough!  So when I am finished I will have to try it one and see, if it fits me then it will fit her!  If not then I have plenty of smaller girls I can give it to.  So it won't be a waste.


  1. The Mystic is turning out so pretty. You're doing great. I have yet to make anything that I have to attach pieces. It really scares me.

  2. Beautiful! Love the colorway.


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