Thursday, 14 July 2011

Drama Thursday!

The petrol tankers are on strike!  Bank Manager has been telling me since Monday, go fill up even if you don't need to fill up!  And I'm sorry when I get into the Beast I just have one thing on my mind, destination and then home.

So today with time to spare after fecthing glasses and before swimmin I thought let me fill up with diesel.  Well after 5 petrol stations and them all being empty of everything I started to panic.

We got to swimming and I must point out that the Beast had just over half a tank which will last me another week but then the boys go back to school and that in itself is alot of extra driving and I won't make it.  While sitting at swimming and finishing the front of Blues I was working out with other petrol stations I have on my way home.

I then stopped at a further 3 stations and nothing.  Now panic is really setting in and I feel like I need a safe room. LOL.  At my local they tell me of a shipment that the one at the end of the road had, so we headed there.  The queue was horrendous, but they assured me that they had enough diesel, so we waited 15min and then the Beast was filled up.

Now I heard on the radio that food shops are running very low as they haven't been able to get their stocks topped up!  So tomorrow is grocery shopping day and we will have to see what I can get, in the meantime everyone in the house has to ration the amount of milk and bread they consume!  Now I know what it must have felt like to be on rations in the war.

Anyway enough about that, now that I feel calmer just by putting it down in words.  I managed to finish the back of the Blues this morning and at swimming get one half of the front done.  The rest of the front done while waiting for supper to be done.

So what happened was I finished Blues while waiting for supper to be done, a very productive 2 hours.  But because today is not FO Friday no pictures, you will have to wait until tomorrow!

See ya!

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  1. Oh my gosh what a scary adventure! But I was happy to read that in the end you were able to fill up, and had 2 very productive hours!


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