Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Stuffy Tuesday

Again with my trusty box of tissues and tub of vicks, I set out eventually and cast on the body of the Odd Sleeve.  Monster said that it would be cool if the ribbing of the body would be the same colour as the sleeves.  Who am I to argue with the wearer of it.

Cast on and did the 20 rows of 2x2 ribbing.   Not going to post a picture of the body, you will have to wait until tomorrow for WIPW to see it!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes!  Just send my Sun back to the Southern Hempishere please we really miss it. LOL!

Here is a picture of the Odd Sleeve sleeves all finished, and did I mention I made them longer!  Can you believe it I was so intent on getting them finished I carried on knitting, when I did measure I had knitted an extra 3cm.  To compensate for my over eagnerness I am adding 3cm to the body!  I'm blaming it on the cold and my head being full of cotton wool.

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