Monday, 11 July 2011

Oh dear!

Bank Manager (Hubby) came home from Man Shop (hardware store) yesturday all forlorn and upset.  It didn't have anything he wanted or needed.  So I dragged my sorry bum out of bed, got bathed and dressed and we all piled into the car and went hunting for the items with him.

In our travels as we do, we bought other items,  I have been yearning for a new sewing machine, nothing fancy, just something that will sew the linings for my bags, so I don't have to do it manually.  Also just to do hems on the boys pants.  So I saw a perfect one on sale at one of our department stores, and put it in the trolley, very proud of myself as I'm not broke and I can afford the middle of the range machine.  Bank Manager walks up, takes it out and put's what I call a fancy computerised machine in the trolley and announces he's paying for it!  BONUS!!  Gotta love the Bank Manager he rocks! 

But now I have nothing to sew.

I digress, all the shopping yesterday afternoon meant that I didn't do ANYTHING on the Blues.  When we got home I did a total of 12 rows!  I know how ridiculous is that!  I didn't even get to watch the F1!

Today is going to see some serious knitting which hasn't gotten off to a flying start as I have been checking out of the Year of Projects updates, while doing the laundry and haven't even gotten in the bath yet!

I need to get the chores done and the boys organised (still on holiday) and then sit and knit until swimming, where I know I will sit and knit some more!

I will update this post later before going to sleep with a progress of Blues.

Today I knitted up a storm and finished the sleeves!  Now to cast on for the body.

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