Sunday, 31 July 2011

Year of Projects - Week 4

For the first time my list has shrunk and not grown at all!  In other words I have completed some projects and not modified my list.

I am debating my list, a few items I have put on it are for me, and I never keep what I make for myself so I am sure these will not be done and therefore I will probably land up subsituting them for other items.  I have vowed not to reduce my list in number of items.  I have made them blue, and as you can see they are numerous items.

  1. Blues Jersey Completed
  2. Neutral Jersey - Ribby Pullover from Sidar 338, Tiny Tots DK Book
  3. Wrap Up Warm Cardigan from Simply Knitting Issue 72 October 2010
  4. Cropped Hoodie from Designer Knitting Winter 2008/09
  5. Ruby from Yarn Forward Issue 10 March
  6. Butler from Yarn Forward Issue 9 February
  7. Cropped Shrug/Hoodie from Rtgrrl
  8. Rosebud Jacket from Yarn Forward Issue 32 January
  9. Pinking Shears from Yarn Forward Issue 25 June
  10. Shona from Yarn Forward Issue 18 October
  11. Odd Sleeve Raglan Pullover Completed
  12. Pullover for Monster
  13. Granny Stripe Blanket from Attic24
  14. Crochet Stash Bag from Attic 24
  15. Fairly Easy Fairisle Cardigan from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation (6 of them!)
  16. Rugby World Cup Blanket
  17. Zig Zag Blanket from The Knitting Collection Volume 1
  18. Hooded Jacket from The Knitting Collection Volume 1
  19. Cardi Shrug from Jennifer Jones Completed
  20. Diamond Blanket
I am in love with the Cardi Shrug pattern I am making, this is my third one this week, I tried on the two I have previously made and they are too small around the arms for me, so this one I am making larger, which means more increase rows, no biggie.  I have also decided that I want mine to be longer so I am going to splurge and use two balls of the beautiful Elle Escapade Mystic Tulip colourway I have.

I have gone mental and broke at my LYS sale this week.  I have purchased all the yarn to make two of the blankets on my list, the crochet bag (very nice Elle cotton) and then some other yarn which I don't know what I'm going to do with, but love it anyway.


  1. Congrats on your FOs. I think all our lists will change a bit over the year but I think the main thing is that the encouragement and motivation this YOP is creating (well for me anyway) is fabulous. Those green and mauve colours are beautiful together. Look forward to seeing a pic when its finished. Have a good week. xoxo

  2. Yay! Hurray for shrinking lists and beautiful new yarns!

  3. Yay for FO! And sounds like you had fun at your LYS too. I think most people will adapt their list as the year goes on - I know I will be.

  4. When I've overdone at a yarn sale, I take it as incentive to get knitting and reduce the stash before DH comments.

    You're way ahead of me in FOs! I'm trying to catch up to the torrid pace you're setting!

  5. LYS sales are so divine! Good for you.
    I just love that colorway of your yarn. It will make your version so much prettier than the original and have much more personality.

  6. I love that colorway. I can't wait to see the finished product. I might need to add it to my list. I tend to hide over purchases in the trunk of my car and when Mike comments I pretend to be offended and say "I bought this forever ago, and you didn't pay attention to when i was showing it to you...." He pretends to believe me.

  7. I hope you do stick to a couple of those things for yourself! love the colours on the latest little shrug :)

  8. You are doing great on your list. I have had to make changes on myself on my list but, have not added any more. The shrug is coming out so pretty.


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